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Working in the insurance industry is incredibly lucrative, demanding, and gratifying. It is a great job that offers both stability and flexibility. A career in insurance provides fantastic benefits, a respectable pay, and is always in demand (because of the fact that it is always needed!). 

Help us make a difference if you’re dedicated to assisting others, interested in real partnerships, and want to leave a lasting legacy.

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When you work as an insurance agent, your earning potential is practically limitless. In addition to the happiness of helping others, finding more clients and defending more needs means more financial advantages. You get to manage your schedule rather than having to punch a time clock twice a day and find busy jobs to fill your time. 


We help you build your career through FREE trainings offered enhancing your skills towards becoming a successful Insurance Agent.


In this insurance career, there are high first year commission payouts and annual residuals, creating an unlimited income potential.


We specialize in the Senior Market and offer Medicare Supplements, Medicare Advantage, Life Insurance, Cancer, Critical Illness, and Short Term Care. We represent the biggest names in our industry, above are just a few of our carriers &marketing partners.


We’re accountable, relentless authentic, we treat others as they want to be treated and we love to give back. We believe that performance can be learned and behavior is a choice. No work or opportunity is beneath us.


Agents will have tools and full training for a detailed map of marketing and their overall business plan for immediate implementation.


IMA is an independent agency that contracts with high quality Carrier Partners so we can offer our clients the best insurance solutions for their needs and budget.

Do you work hard? Are you coachable and self motivated and have a positive attitude? If so, join OUR webinar or see us in person!


Dianne F.

“We are insurance specialists. The opportunity is so great. Families are sick and dying every day. We can’t solve it, but we can solve the financial burden and provide security for families.”

Marikris P.

“Five years ago, I have made the best decision in working with Insurance Marketplace Agency. It has helped me secure income and stability without sacrificing my time for my family.”

Ty B.

“I never realized that working could be this easy. This is a life-changing opportunity for me.”

Adam R.

“Insurance Marketplace Agency provides a great opportunity and friendly environment to build a successful career.”

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